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    Enterprise introduction

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    Jinghua Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd is established through the restructuration of Nantong Zhongcheng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Nantong Chinese Medicine Factory) and Nantong General Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd(Nantong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd & second branch of Nantong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd)with the absorption of the investment from Nantong Zongyi Investment Co., Ltd and Natural Persons. In Feb. 2010, our company was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The stock abbreviation is Jinghua Pharma and code is 002349. The Jinghua Group owns following subcompanies: Nantong Jinghua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Bozhou Kangpu Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Senxuan Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co. Ltd., Nantong Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd., Shanghai Sutong Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Kingsley Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd , Nantong Jidesheng Institute of Chinese medicine, Nantong Jidesheng Technology Co., Ltd., Nantong Ningning Drugstore Co., Ltd., and etc. The joint-stock companies of Jinghua Group are Jiangsu Wannianchang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Fortunerock-china (BeiJing) Biological technology Limited by Share Ltd and etc.
    Jinghua has been engaged in the medicine production for over fifty years and he is always the government-oriented pharmaceutical company. At current, as a comprehensive and modernized GMP company, Jinghua becomes the main force of production, sales and development of APIs, intermediates and formulation in China, who is also involved in the area of biomedicine. There are more than two hundred kinds of Chinese and Western medicine. The Chinese traditional medicine includes Jidesheng Antivenomous Tablet (well known as a traditional brand at home and abroad), Nantong Wang’s Baby Health Pill, Ningning ZhengChaihu Granule, Dachaihu Granule (miracle outcome of  Chinese prescription), Gubenkechuan Tablet(listed in the Protected Traditional Chinese Medicine), Dizziness Treatment Syrup, Jinqiaomai Tablet and etc. All medicine owns extensive historical background and profound cultural deposits. The APIs are Phenobarbital (biggest production and sales in China), Primidone, Fluorouracil, Phenylbutazone, Flucytosine, Piroxicam, Tenoxicam, Propylthiouracil and so on. Among these APIs, four products get the Certificate of Suitability and two APIs get the approval of USFDA inspection.
    All products  in accordance with GMP and carefully implement CP, EP, BP and USP for the quality of APIs.
    Jinghua’s philosophy is “gather most intelligence, produce best medicine”, and the quality principle is “value life, boost health”. For years, Jinghua is dedicated in producing safe, effective and stable medicine and providing high-quality sales service, and doing his best for human’s health.