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    Corporate culture

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    Our logo is constituted of red sun, white peace dove and bold letters “Jinghua Pharma” which means Jinghua rises up like the sun, staff from Jinghua show themselves with great efforts in the competitive market. Jinghua present all respect to provide medicine with high quality which bring health to human.

    It also means staff from Jinghua own the spirit of Bird Jingwei that make unremitting efforts to develop Jinghua like the rising sun.

    The Chinese characters “精華制藥集團股份有限公司”is inscribed by famous artist Fan Zeng from Nantong who is the descendant of great poet Fan Zhongyan who wrote” first and worry about all over the world, after all over the world to enjoy”. The powerful and free characters imply profound culture of enterprise.

    Enterprise color mark: Based on blue, green and red in which blue represents peace ,green represents nature ,safe, red represents inspires.
    Enterprise philosophy: contribute medicine with high quality, dedicate to improving Chinese pharmaceutical industry.
    Jinghua Spirit:

    unite: cooperation, toleration, communication , gathering
    Pragmatic: exact positioning, solid work, dedicate to numbers, consider effects
    Innovation: Everyone has the consciousness of innovation; mechanism of innovation is found everywhere.

    Enterprise Objective

    Make customer satisfied

    Supply medicine and service with high quality.

    To customers, we ensure that each product from our company is safest and most effective and excellent. We guarantee that improve products through continuous innovation , arduous study and development with firm determination . We aim to make perfection more perfect and pursue it without end.

    Make staff satisfied

    Respect staff, provide safe, excellent and fair work environment.

    To staff, we ensure that respect each staff , provide reasonable payment , treat each staff sincerely and evenly. We will try our best to provide each qualified staff with opportunity to improve. We create a culture atmosphere that admire brilliant performance and motivate leadership ability.

    Make community satisfied

    Take the responsibility to the society, dedicate to improving public health, pay tax to support social progress.

    To the society, we guarantee to be a responsible organization with integrity. Try our best to support public welfare, gain and maintain the trust from the public to us.

    Make shareholder satisfied

    Gain generous profit to return to shareholder, the business operation follows the principle of satisfying shareholders.

    We determine to strengthen the internal management, improve the labor productivity which realizes the continuous increase of profit. Participate in competition, increase the interests of shareholders, and ensure the maximum satisfaction of customers. Fulfill the purpose of maximizing shareholders ' interests and staff welfare.