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    Quality assurance

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    Quality policy: Value life and boost health

    The quality system of company covers the whole process of product.
    Raw &auxiliary material and packing material:
    We purchase raw material and packing material of which suppliers are included in the approved supplier list after qualification by evaluation system of QA group.
    Production management:
    Establish awareness that “drug quality is out of production, rather than test” and ensure that critical deviation is investigated and solved scientifically.
    Quality assurance and Quality control:
    More than 60 professional and qualified staff among which 11 people are national licensed pharmacists and 35 people have college degree or above . QA are involved with all aspects of the drug production to ensure the complete production comply with GMP requirements. QC is equipped with test instruments and equipments which are calibrated regularly. The reagents, standard solutions and reference standards are well controlled.
    Product release:
    The product can be approved to release by QP only after confirming the whole production process comply with GMP requirements and analysis results meet the specification.
    Internal audit:
    Perform internal audit regularly to testify the efficiency of company quality system and ensure the whole process of product is under control.